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Decluttering before you sell – why bother?

  18 Jul 2019

Many sellers fall in to the trap of thinking that as they are moving on – taking their belongings with them – that how their property looks during the marketing phase will have no bearing on the outcome. Sadly, this isn’t true.

Propertymark – an organisation focused on helping people buy, sell and rent their homes – recently suggested several ways to help speed up a sale or let and add value, and one of the vital points was to declutter.

The experts at Propertymark commented that ‘presentation is key and a quick tidy can be enough to spike buyers’ interest. A tidy room should never be underestimated, especially as dirty or cluttered rooms can be an immediate turn off for some buyers.’ Here at Jezzards, we have to agree.

Property marketing relies on good images

You need good photographs and perhaps a video tour to market any property, and a clutter-free home will ensure that any images used will make your home look spacious and appealing.

Clothes spilling out of drawers or saucepans stacked on work tops gives the impression that a property is too small and lacks storage, which is an important asset in today’s market. Likewise, a room crammed with trinkets, too much furniture or a lifetime’s collection of DVDs can prove distracting for those trying to envisage what it would be like to live there.

Having showed thousands of people around properties – seeing the very best (and the very worst) examples of property presentation – Jezzards has produced its top 10 areas to declutter for those who need a starting point. Grab some bin bags and a stack of cardboard boxes – let’s get started!

10 important areas to declutter:

  1. Front gardens: however stunning the interior of your property is, an unkempt front garden will create a negative first impression. Don’t let overflowing bins, junk destined for the tip or left-over building materials spoil the look.
  2. Hallways – stepping into a messy hallway or leaving shoes around for viewers to trip over isn’t a good start. Purchasing a coat and shoe rack won’t break the bank and your hall will look tidier in an instant.
  3. Kitchens – it’s easy for high-traffic areas to get out of hand but be strict with using storage when your home is on the market. Keep worktops as clear as possible by relegating cereal boxes, pans and spice jars to your cupboards, only leaving out a few essentials, such as a kettle and toaster.
  4. Reception rooms – living, family and drawing rooms can be a major selling point and movers will look for a sense of space. An overly elaborate room will feel claustrophobic, so take a minimal approach to ornaments, object d’art and photo frames. Also remember to dispose of old newspapers and magazines, and clear away toys.
  5. Study – having a study is a real benefit, especially for someone planning to work from home. If you have folder stacked up and piles of paper, it’s time to get out shredder out and invest in a filing system to ensure your desk and floor are clear of clutter.
  6. Bathrooms – rows of toiletries, cleaning products and heaps of wet towels may be what you face everyday but with this room often the smallest in the house, they can make even the best bathroom feel cluttered. Pare back what’s on display and fold towels neatly for a more organised look.
  7. Bedrooms – a bedroom that looks like a jumble sale won’t win over any viewers. Avoid piles of clothes that need ironing, overflowing washing baskets and stacks of reading materials. Don’t forget, if you stuff everything under your bed, it still may be seen in photographs.
  8. Playrooms – although probably the hardest of rooms to keep tidy and minimal, try and keep on top of toys. Ikea’s trusty Trofast storage system is highly recommended as you store an enormous amount in the draws.
  9. Garages & outbuildings – while a garage is a good security feature, we all know that cars don’t always get stored in them. As a minimum, make sure your garage is safe to show visitors, with a working light and a clear path through. The same applies to garden rooms and sheds.

If you’d like to know more about property presentation and where we see clutter hotspots when showing people round, get in touch today or call us on 03330 433 633.


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