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Have Christmas Dinner In Your New Home – A Guide To Selling Your Property in 2017

  18 Aug 2017

No matter the time of year you sell your property, there is a lot to be said for having a moving day goal in mind. While a lot of people look to sell their property in spring so they can be settled into their new home in time for summer, there are many people whose focus is on being settled in their new home for the festive period. If you are keen to have Christmas Dinner in your new home, here is a guide to selling your property in 2017.

We are moving towards autumn, which sees the property market become more active again after summer but in all honesty, the property market is now a year round market. There is so much demand and interest in property that there is never a bad time to sell your home, and if you are looking to conclude the deal before winter, you should be able to.

Arrange for a valuation of your property

The first step in arranging to sell your home comes with arranging a valuation for your property and then working out how much it will cost you to sell the home. This means you should contact estate agents to arrange a valuation for your home. Pricing the property properly is crucial in getting a positive reaction when it is placed on the market.

If the property is priced too high, many people will have no interest in the property, which may lead you to eventually drop the property price in the hope of increasing interest. However, many potential buyers would question what the issue was that led to the drop in price. If the property is priced too low, it may help the home sell quicker but you run the risk of losing out on a lot of money, so this can be harmful too. This is why it is best to work with an experienced local estate with a good understanding of the local property market and prices.

You should also ask for a number of quotes from the estate agents you review. Bear in mind that the lowest fee isn’t always the best option. You need to consider the value for money of each quote because not all estate agents provide the same standard of service. This means you should also look for reviews, feedback and testimonials for solicitors before deciding which option is best for you.

Clean and declutter your property

At this point, you should begin the process of preparing the property and the first step is to declutter and clean. When you declutter a property, you create more space and you will also minimise the personal effects around the property. These are two positive factors for any potential buyer so if you are looking to make the best impact with your property, this should always be the starting point.

It is also important to remember that the outside of the property is just as important as the inside when it comes to presenting your home in the best light. In fact, when it comes to first impressions, your garden area is essential as this is the first part of your property a potential buyer will see. This area should be clean, spacious, secure and it should have a theme or sense of purpose. Even if you are limited on space, a hanging basket or window box will showcase a sense of vitality and energy around the property which can help to create a good impression.

You may find that your estate agent recommends staging the property, and this is an increasingly popular tactic when selling a home. A staged property goes far beyond cleaning, decorating and carrying out repair work, a staged property is set up to appeal to a particular type of buyer. If you choose an experienced estate agent with local knowledge, they should have a good idea of the type of buyer that is most likely to buy the property. This means you can present the property in a manner that appeal to this style of buyer, which should grab attention and make a more convincing argument to persuade a potential buyer.

Once the property has been presented in the best possible manner, the promotion stage can begin. A good estate agent will know the best places to promote the property and the best way which to promote the property. This is likely to include a mix of online and offline promotion. A staged property is likely to get the best attention online, so make sure that the images and video content of the property capture the true nature and style of the home.

Arrange viewings for the property

Once the property is on the market, you (or the estate agent more likely) will be dealing with enquiries and arranging viewings. It is best to let the estate agent deal with viewings because they have experience in welcoming people to property and showing off what the home and area has to offer. The owner of the property can have a role to play in the viewing stage but this should be agreed and arranged with the estate agent.

It may be helpful to arrange a group viewing of the property, particularly if there are a number of interested buyers. A group viewing minimises the amount of time you need to make the home available but also, if interested buyers see that there are other people holding an interest in the property, this may encourage them to make an offer sooner or even place a bigger offer for the property.

If you receive a number of offers, you should review them all and take into consideration the buyer’s circumstances. While the largest offer is likely to be the most appealing, you need to think about the likelihood of the offer being available or of the deal being concluded. It may be that a slightly lower offer from a potential buyer with a greater chance of obtaining a mortgage or who isn’t part of a chain will be the better option for your needs.

The right solicitor or conveyancer is crucial at this stage, negotiating on your behalf and providing you with advice and guidance on what to do for the best. However, if you familiarise yourself with these stages and do what you can to present your home as best as you can, you could be looking forward to enjoying Christmas dinner in your new home.


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